Free Funshirts

Ever wondered why those crazy Germans disallowed your shirt design on German Print-on-demand like Spreadshirt? It’s because of a misconception among German judges. Misconceptions can be rectified. But not by silly little me alone. I need help. Serious help. I need as many people as possible. I need a shit storm like the π-Storm, see Twitter-storm Pi Trademark

Some German trademark troll trademarked shopaholic and slapped a cease and desist on me. Since it was a fun-shirt not a shirt advertizing anything I partially refused to comply with their demands. I took down the design in question and refused to sign their cease and desist. The troll went to court for an injunction to get what he already had from me, the takedown of the design permanently. Unfortunately their is a judge in Hamburg who needs a little education on fun shirts.

The problem is, I’m in the wrong unless judges acknowledge a simple truth.

We wear fun shirts.

We wear fun shirts with ironic self-incrimination. Teach German judges that average joe, average informed and attentive to the specific situation, namely someone seeing someone in the street wearing a fun shirt or someone buying a fun shirt is just doing that. Having fun self-incriminating. Seeing someone making fun of him- or herself. Nothing more nothing less.

Or else it’ll be just another victory for the trademark trolls. Who needs that?

Answer the following questions on twitter: What is the wearer saying by wearing this t-shirt?

Write a blog post, on facebook and twitter and use the hashtag #freeFunshirts

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